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Bellbrook Florists

Bellbrook, Ohio

A & F Garden Gate Florist, Inc
Serving Bellbrook Ohio

Oberer's Bellbrook Flowers
52 Bellbrook Plaza
Bellbrook, OH 45305


300 x 250 Product - Shipped Fresh
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Send Flowers to Bellbrook, Ohio. Daily delivery to Bellbrook Ohio. Bellbrook Florist . Have your local florist in Bellbrook Make and Deliver your Arrangements, plant, planters, roses, carnation and fruit basket.

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Daily delivery to Bellbrook Ohio. Bellbrook Florist . Have your local florist in Bellbrook Make and Deliver your Arrangements, plant, planters, roses, carnation and fruit basket.

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The American Institute of Floral Designers was established in 1965 by a small group of leading floral designers dedicated to recognizing and promoting the art of floral design as a professional career. Today, it is the floral industry's leading non-profit organization committed to establishing and maintaining higher standards in professional floral design. With over 1,200 members worldwide, AIFD and its members are in the forefront of the industry in presenting educational and design programs.
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From diverse backgrounds and interests, from small-town florists to large-scale party designers, from college professors to Rose Parade consultants, from nationally known corporate advisors in product development to winners in international design competition, AIFD members are found in virtually every aspect of floriculture.


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