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Columbus Florists

Columbus, Ohio

A & F Garden Gate Florist, Inc
Serving Columbus Ohio

A Private Affair  265 S 4th St  Columbus, OH   43215  614-224-6555

An Angel's Touch Flowers  117 Obetz Rd  Columbus, OH   43207  614-497-3003

April's Flowers & Gifts  1195 W 5th Ave  Columbus, OH   43212  614-488-5949

Avantgarden  2258 E Main St  Columbus, OH   43209  614-235-5666 

Bella Flora  2781 E 4th Ave  Columbus, OH   43219  614-833-1942 

Bloomtastic  4939 Dierker Rd  Columbus, OH   43220  614-538-1010 

Blumen Garten Florists  4687 Reed Rd  Columbus, OH   43220  614-451-1299 

Buffington's Flowers & Gifts  1 Nationwide Plz  Columbus, OH   43215  614-221-4223 

Buffington's Flowers & Gifts  41 S High St #55  Columbus, OH   43215  614-221-3334 

Buffington's Flowers & Gifts  85 Parsons Ave  Columbus, OH   43215  614-463-3334 

Capitol Square Floral & Gifts  65 E State St  Columbus, OH   43215  614-228-7070 

Chapel Hill  1205 Grandview Ave  Columbus, OH   43212  614-487-9190 

Christine's Garden Flowers & Gifts  2733 E Main St  Columbus, OH   43209  614-235-4510 

Cline's Flowers  2448 S High St  Columbus, OH   43207  614-445-9992 

Cobblestone Gardens  2480 E Main St  Columbus, OH   43209  614-239-7099 

Cua's Of Columbus  3009 Cleveland Ave  Columbus, OH   43224  614-267-1236 

DeSantis Florists & Gifts  865 De Santis Ct  Columbus, OH   43214  614-451-4414 

Exotica The Floral Shoppe Inc  2404 Kenny Rd  Columbus, OH   43221  614-488-2143 

Expressions Floral Design Studio  4908 Morse Rd  Columbus, OH   43230  614-775-9061 

Fifth Avenue Florist & Greenhouse  1877 Kenny Rd  Columbus, OH   43212  614-488-1106 

Fiori Florist  1397 Grandview Ave  Columbus, OH   43212  614-488-1851

Fireside Florist  1862 Hard Rd  Columbus, OH   43235  614-792-3334 

Florabunda Designs Inc  3077 Fisher Rd  Columbus, OH   43204  614-272-1770 

Floral Originals  2994 E Broad St  Columbus, OH   43209  614-231-0044 

Flower Galaxy  1371 Grandview Ave  Columbus, OH   43212  614-488-8789 

Flowers By Love Inc  2966 Noe Bixby Rd  Columbus, OH   43232  614-863-0151 

Flowers By Mel  2914 E Main St  Columbus, OH   43209  614-237-7679 

Flowers On Orchard Lane  18 Orchard Ln  Columbus, OH   43214  614-262-0880 

Flowers On Orchard Lane  3535 N High St  Columbus, OH   43214  614-267-3535 

For Someone Special Florist  3992 Alum Creek Dr  Columbus, OH   43207  614-492-9104 

Ford Flowers  3322 W Broad St  Columbus, OH   43204  614-272-2215 

Hamilton Flowers & Gifts  1431 S Hamilton Rd  Columbus, OH   43227  614-235-1731 

Hilltop Florists  201 N Wilson Rd  Columbus, OH   43204  614-272-1234 

Hoffman Florist & Greenhouse  800 Hilliard Rome Rd  Columbus, OH   43228  614-878-5161 

Jo Anne Flowers  1620 Lockbourne Rd  Columbus, OH   43207  614-444-1117 

Jo Anne Flowers  4109 Trabue Rd  Columbus, OH   43228  614-308-1117 

John Morris Flowers  1269 Clydesdale Ct  Columbus, OH   43229  614-985-3123 

Lagniappe Inc A Little Extra  420 N Cassady Ave  Columbus, OH   43209  614-253-0099 

Market Blooms Etc  59 Spruce St  Columbus, OH   43215  614-228-7760 

Milano Florist  1424 Morse Rd  Columbus, OH   43229  614-885-3023 

Mimosa Floral Design  4622 N High St  Columbus, OH   43214  614-784-0017 

Rees Flowers & Gifts Inc  249 Lincoln Cir  Columbus, OH   43230  614-475-5726 

Reno's Floral & Gift Gallery  5779 Cleveland Ave  Columbus, OH   43231  614-899-9189 

Sawmill Florist  7370 Sawmill Rd #G  Columbus, OH   43235  614-798-0063 

Southview Florist  1142 S High St  Columbus, OH   43206  614-443-4242 

Stephen's Flowers  690 Harrisburg Pike  Columbus, OH   43223  614-224-8141

Timeless Petal  1913 Birkdale Dr  Columbus, OH   43232  614-864-1020 

Trees On Occasion Inc  83 N Parkview Ave  Columbus, OH   43209  614-258-8664 

Uptowne Flowers & Gifts  2491 W Dublin Granville Rd  Columbus, OH   43235  614-889-1001 

Vi Stember Florist  2808 N High St  Columbus, OH   43202  614-267-6320 

Victoria's Four Seasons Florist  1462 Bethel Rd  Columbus, OH   43220  614-459-1994 

Village Petals Inc  573 S Grant Ave  Columbus, OH   43206  614-444-0327 

Villager Flowers & Gifts  5278 W Broad St  Columbus, OH   43228  614-878-7625 

White Hall Flowers  390 Whitehall Dr  Columbus, OH   43213  614-238-9051

Wild Plum Floral Co  938 Dennison Ave  Columbus, OH   43201  614-298-0571




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Send Flowers to Columbus, Ohio. Daily delivery to Columbus Ohio. Columbus Florist . Have your local florist in Columbus Make and Deliver your Arrangements, plant, planters, roses, carnation and fruit basket.

Find a florist in Columbus Ohio - Find a local Columbus Flower shop - Locate a flowershop in Columbus Ohio - Send Flowers to Columbus, Ohio.

Daily delivery to Columbus Ohio. Columbus Florist . Have your local florist in Columbus Make and Deliver your Arrangements, plant, planters, roses, carnation and fruit basket.

Find a florist in Columbus, Ohio is a listing of local florist as per time of publication. We are not responsible if we missed to list any specific florist. This is a free listing of local flowershop in Columbus. Ordering from a local florist will guarantee that your request is in the hand of the florist filling your order without a middle man or miscommunications.

Find a local Columbus Florist is not affiliated with Teleflora or FTD florist
Find a local Columbus florist - Find a Flowershop in Columbus - Find a Flower Shop in Columbus Ohio - Find a florist in Columbus - Locate a flowershop in Columbus

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What is AIFD - Who are an AIFD Designers:
The American Institute of Floral Designers was established in 1965 by a small group of leading floral designers dedicated to recognizing and promoting the art of floral design as a professional career. Today, it is the floral industry's leading non-profit organization committed to establishing and maintaining higher standards in professional floral design. With over 1,200 members worldwide, AIFD and its members are in the forefront of the industry in presenting educational and design programs.
Accredited Membership in AIFD is selective. To be accredited, a floral designer must fulfill rigid qualifications and demonstrate advanced professional ability. Members are distinguished by the letters "AIFD" used as an addendum to their name. To maintain accreditation, they must meet certain continuing education requirements.
From diverse backgrounds and interests, from small-town florists to large-scale party designers, from college professors to Rose Parade consultants, from nationally known corporate advisors in product development to winners in international design competition, AIFD members are found in virtually every aspect of floriculture.


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